Sponsor a Home-Based Care Worker

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Sponsor a Home-Based Care Worker

Posted July 28th, 2010 by Justice Ministries

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What is Home Based Care? 

Home Based Care (HBC) is a ministry designed to comfort, feed, care, and pray for the sick, dying, elderly, widowed, and orphaned in a neighborhood or community. HBC volunteers from the community visit homes on a weekly basis.HBC workers are often the last person someone sees before they die, the first person they meet after losing their parents, or the first safe person they can trust after they have been sexually assaulted.

What Can You Do To Help?

With a small gift of $35 a month, you can adopt a Somebody Cares Home Based Care worker. The money enables the worker to get the much needed medicine, food, and supplies to the patients. Your monthly donation goes not just to your worker but to the community he/she works in. It is used to make tremendous life changing differences for many. The hungry are fed, the sick are given medicine, and the love of Jesus is spread to a whole family and community.

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