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Creating a culture where women and children are free from the stigmas and cycles of sexual exploitation.

The Story

In 2007, MISSION began a partnership with Homes of Hope in Fiji. Homes of Hope operates residential and community-based programs that rescue, restore and reintegrate women and their children to give them value and stop the cycles of forced sex.

fiji woman and child

Homes of Hope Fiji (HOH) is a 43 acre campus that provides long-term residential care for rescued girls and their children. It is the only place in all of the 300+ Fijian islands that houses women who are pregnant or have children. Begun in 1996 by Mark and Lynnie Roche, HOH has seen over 200 young women come to their campus for help. Homes of Hope has provided these women and their children with housing, food, clothing, medical and emotional care, education, vocational training, and the love of Jesus Christ.

What We Are Doing

When MISSION began their partnership with Homes of Hope we wanted to encourage other churches, businesses and individuals to join us in bringing hope and healing to women who have often known little but despair throughout their lives.  As a result, we founded Vision Abolition, a non-profit organization that could serve as a bridge between MISSION and Homes of Hope here in the USA.  Several churches have become part of Vision Abolition, and together we are working with HOH to rescue and restore girls in Fiji.

fiji woman

MISSION and Vision Abolition churches have worked together with Homes of Hope to construct a beautiful campus near the city of Suva.  Dormitories, kitchens, staff housing, dining rooms, guesthouses and other buildings have been built through the generous donations of Vision Abolition partners and teams that have gone to Fiji to help build these buildings.  A beautiful and safe environment is crucial to the restoration of these young women.

MISSION has also sent numerous construction and ministry teams to Homes of Hope in Fiji to help on construction projects, establish relationships with the campus residents, train rescued women with skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient, and simply share the love of God.

If you are interested in joining a team to Fiji, click on the link on the right side of the page called Opportunities and Trips.

Fiji Construction Team

Looking Forward

MISSION and Vision Abolition will continue their partnership with Homes of Hope as we move into the future. Before the end of 2015 we intend to:

  • send 3 Short-Term Mission Teams to work with Homes of Hope Fiji
  • complete the construction of the new dining room, kitchen and meeting room on the campus
  • continue providing financial support for the ongoing ministry needs of HOH
  • continue to lead the ministry of Vision Abolition as we walk alongside Homes of Hope to build a foundation ministry across the South Pacific

We would love to have you join us as we work alongside Homes of Hope.  Click on the button below or contact the Justice Ministries office for more information.

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