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Follow by Andy Stanley                                                                                                                        

Wednesday Evenings 7p-830p | $10.00

Thursday Mornings 615a-730a | $10.00  

Thursday Evenings 7p-830p | $10.00                               

Lots of people think Christianity is about doing what Jesus says. But what if doing what Jesus says isn't what Jesus says to do at all? Jesus invitation is an invitation to relationship, and it begins with a simple request: Follow Me.

Religion says "Change and you can join us." Jesus says, "Join us and you will change." There's a huge difference. Jesus doesn't expect you to be perfect. He just wants you to follow him. Being a sinner doesn't disqualify you from following him. Being an unbeliever doesn't disqualify you from following him. In fact, following almost always begins with a sinner and unbeliever taking one small step.

In this eight week DVD Bible study, Andy Stanley takes you on a Bible journey through the Gospels as he traces Jesus' teaching on what it means to follow. The study will be offered on Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and Thursday evening.


This study begins August 27 & 28th. Please register to attend.

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