Baptism Class for Children


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Outward expression of an inward transformation

Baptism is available at MISSION for anyone who has placed his or her faith in Jesus as their Savior from sin. The Bible gives no age for when a child is ready to be baptized. For baptism to be a meaningful experience and expression of faith, its significance should be understood. Click here to read more about MISSION's core beliefs.

What Age Is Appropriate?

Our desire is for children to understand this important step of baptism in their life. In child development, typically when children reach the age of 8 or 9, they gain the ability to understand abstract concepts. It is at this stage in a child's development that they gain the ability to understand imagery such as those concepts involved in baptism representing our spiritual death, burial and resurrection. That being said, each baptism should be determined on a child-by-child basis. 

If you have a child through 3rd grade who is interested in being baptized, please contact Chris Brown at  in the children's department to set up a meeting.