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EMBER June Justice Event

Posted June 18th, 2012 by Jason Robinson


This past Saturday, 25 college students from EMBER gave up their evening to do Justice. After worshiping together at the 4:30 service, they carpooled to the Tempe location of an organization called Feed My Starving Children. When they arrived, the team watched a video on what Feed My Starving Children does, who they help, and how they make it happen.

FMSC is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God's children around the world who are hungry in both body and spirit. It was amazing to see all that FMSC is able to accomplish through generous donations and volunteers who pack boxes of food for delivery to thousands of children throughout the world! Once they had been instructed on how the packing would be done, they washed up and were put into teams where each person was given a job for the evening. Chicken, vegetables, soy, and rice went into each "Manna Pack" that were stamped with an expiration date, sealed, and boxed up to be sent out.

After about 2 hours of packing, the team was able to prepare enough Manna Packs to feed 39 children for an entire year! Many of the students also bought headbands, coffee, t-shirts, and other merchandise, before they left, and the proceeds went to purchasing the food to put into the Manna Packs. The group had an incredible time and did justice in the name of Christ!

Knowing that giving up 2 hours on a Saturday night made it possible for 39 kids to eat for an entire year is such an incredible thing! Doing justice and making a difference is a blessing to everyone involved! 

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