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Have you heard of Financial Peace University (FPU)? It is a life-changing program offered @ MISSION that teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money. 

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Your Records and Receipts

Whether you give smaller gifts on a regular weekly or monthly basis, or perhaps one or two larger gifts each year, we'll keep your account accurate and up-to-date.

Confidential Records

Donations made to MISSION are kept confidential. We believe giving is a matter to be prayerfully decided between you and God.

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Gift Receipts

To provide a timely summary of your giving account, MISSION sends gift receipt statements by email or postal mail. A full, annual statement is mailed in January for the preceding calendar year. Please save your annual statement as your receipt for tax purposes. Additional thank-you letters or receipt statements may also be sent to you if you contribute to a special ministry project.

If you have a myMISSION68 account with MISSION, you may view your giving account for the current and prior calendar years. Your record will show donations you have made online as well as by other giving methods.

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