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Ryan is our Teaching Pastor/Student Ministries Pastor. Ryan joined MISSION's team in June of 2009. To learn more about Student Ministries click here.

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Announcements for August 4th/5th

Posted August 1st, 2012 by Ryan Guard


These are the announcements that will be shared this weekend (and printed on the WEEKLY in the HSM).

Come with us to Lost Canyon this Oct 19-21st for our first ever Fall Retreat! It's kind of like Summer Camp, but shorter, cheaper and amazinger! Lost Canyon is an amazing place with tons of fun stuff to do. Oh, and forget about those uncomfy beds that you're used to at other camps... Lost Canyon's rooms are AMAZING! You'll feel like you're staying at a nice hotel. We've got a ton of recreation planned, an amazing game room to hang out in, the best snack shop this side of the Mississippi, a late-night country/western dance party, basketball, dodgeball, and a few powerful teaching sessions that will give you an amazing opportunity to grow closer to God. Cost: $160. Sign ups begin this weekend online. Watch the blog/Twitter/Facebook feeds for the link to sign up.

How am I supposed to pray? I'm not sure I'm doing it right, or if it's even working. How do I read the bible? I have no idea where to start, or what to do with what I read. How do I weave prayer and Scripture into the rhythm of my life so that my faith actually gets stronger?

There's a good chance you've wondered some of those same things! That's why we're starting a 2-week class that will help you create these rhythms in your life right away. The first classes will take place NEXT WEEK on Sunday August 12th & 19th at 11:59 in the Seminar Room at MISSION. Bring your bible, a pen/pencil and something to take notes on. You do not need to sign up. This is open to all high school students.

We're throwing a huge party right here at MISSION on Wednesday, August 15th 7-8:30p. Bring all of your high school friends and meet us in the FAMILY CENTER. There's a huge competition going down that night, some people will be spitting on Brandon Ream (say what?), a little karaoke'ish throw-down, and... there may be a dance party, and... there might be a KAJABI CAN CAN tournament (watch these 14 seconds if you don't know what kajabi can can is). Not only that, you'll hear a couple of powerful stories from our very own students about how God has rocked their world this year. Grab a friend and come :)

Want to be a part of a midweek bible study on Wednesday nights from 7-9p? You can sign up this weekend (we'll give you a form before you leave). Everyone must register who wants to participate, even students who were in a group last year need to register again. Just request the same group if that's what you want. You can also register online- just go to this link and fill out the form online. Our first night in houses will be August 22nd. You'll get directions and more details when we receive and process your registration.

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