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Ryan is our Teaching Pastor/Student Ministries Pastor. Ryan joined MISSION's team in June of 2009. To learn more about Student Ministries click here.

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ANOTHER Week of Summer Camp!

Posted May 17th, 2012 by Ryan Guard


Summer Camp at Forest Home sold out quick! We've got a HUGE waiting list of students who want to go... and the sad truth is that we won't have enough spots open up at Forest Home for the July 15-20th camp. We should get some spots, but we aren't guaranteed any at all.


We reserved a bunch of spots at another AMAAAAAAZING camp.

We're still taking everyone who is signed up for Forest Home TO Forest Home this July 15th... but for everyone else who didn't snag a spot...

We're going to Hume Lake in San Diego this July 1-6th.

We've got lots of spots for this camp, so let's fill some vans and head to the beach!

The total cost for this camp is $510 (that's as cheap as we could possibly make it). If you decide to go to this camp, your deposit will cover the first $100, then you'll owe an additional $410.

It will be worth every penny. Scholarships will be available if you need help- we'll post details about that this weekend.

Sign-ups start this weekend! If you are on the waiting list and you want to go to Hume, email jessicap@mission68.org and let her know! We'll move your deposit over and lock you in.

NOTE: We aren't allowing people to switch from the July 15th week to this one unless they are on the Waiting List.

ANOTHER NOTE: You're welcome to stay on the Waiting List for Forest Home and hope that a spot opens up. Your pastor loves you and wants to encourage you to not take that risk. Hume Lake is amazing, and God will rock your world there :)

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