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Ryan is our Teaching Pastor/Student Ministries Pastor. Ryan joined MISSION's team in June of 2009. To learn more about Student Ministries click here.

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Summer Camp Theme Update (Forest Home)

Posted June 5th, 2012 by Ryan Guard


If you are attending Summer Camp at Forest Home please read this!

Wednesday is the day we have field competition at Lakeview. This year, we
are bringing back Wednesday “Plaid Day”. Wear as much plaid as you can possibly find!

This year’s Thursday Night Banquet is going to be a “Dinner of the Decades”
party. Come dressed up in your most creative outfit from any decade you can
think of! You can come in your best disco gear, your most neon 80s outfit or
your best interpretation of some past or future decade. Seriously, get creative
here and feel free to draw inspiration from any decade from the beginning of
time to the future and beyond.

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