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Josh has a passion for teaching Jr. High students about the love of Jesus Christ. Josh and his wife, Liz, have been attending MISSION since October of 2008. Josh joined MISSION's team in February of 2009. 

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Making 3,092 Bricks in Malawi

Posted June 17th, 2012 by Josh Barton


Josh Barton, the leader of our Student Ministries Team that is in Malawi for 2 weeks working with Somebody Cares, sent us the following report of their first week there.

Our first week of work is done. It was a great week here in Malawi working alongside the staff and volunteers of Somebody Cares and the people in the village of Njande.. Already we have had an incredible trip.

We spent the last two days in Njande, which is a village in the community of Chikudzulire. With the support of MISSION, Somebody Care is feeding over 500 children daily in this remote village. Njande still does not have a source for clean water, but yesterday we were there when the drill company came out to take measurements for the bore hole that will be drilled any day now, because of the generosity of the people at MISSION. This community now calls MISSION family and we feel the same way. We worked alongside our Malawian brothers and sisters and made 3,092 bricks for new toilets they are building in this village. Brick making is no joke, we were filthy dirty after each day. But... The joy that both our students and our new friends were experiencing far out-weighed the dirtiness. Njande is a village of beautiful people and we were honored to work with them.

We also had the privilege of riding an oxcart into the village. It was a true Malawian village experience. Oxcarts are not the fastest mode of travel, but that allowed us time to talk, reflect on how good our God is, and enjoy some sugar cane along the way!

This coming week we will be in our home village of Chikudzulire working hard with our brothers and sisters there. The students can't wait to get back there, play with the children and work hard on the projects they will be assigned.

MISSION, you should be proud of these students. They are working very hard, not complaining at all, and pursuing the Living God. In the last few days I have taken moments to step back and watch the students interact with the people here. I am blown away at the love they have for these brothers and sisters and I am so impressed with how they show the love of Christ among the villages. Be proud!

Giving thanks

Pastor Josh

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