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Preschool Parent Resources - July

Posted June 28th, 2012


God made me.

"God saw all that He has made, and it was very good." Genesis 1:31 NIV

Teaching our children about the wonder of creation is one of the most important things we do in preschool world. Understanding that the God of the universe created not only the world, but them. That the same God who put those beautiful colors on the butterflies also chose the color of their hair. Learning about creation is always a magical time, and this year will be no different.

As we enter our second month of this subject, we invite you and your preschoolers to “Creation Station,” an amazing place where they can learn about each day of creation as a special train car brings it into the station. We’ve provided our typical First Look lesson but intensified the Bible story time just a bit by combining the introductory sketch and Bible story so that the Storyteller is the conductor of the railroad.


Parent Cues are designed for you to use at home with your preschooler. Take the time to revisit what they've learned.  Take time to talk together.  And more importantly take time to pray together.  

WEEK 1- God creates the fish and the birds • Genesis 1:20-23
Parent Cue

WEEK 2- God makes the land animals • Genesis 1:24-25
Parent Cue

WEEK 3- God makes people in His imageGenesis 2:7, 20-23; 3:8
Parent Cue

WEEK 4- God rested on the seventh day • Genesis 2:1-3
Parent Cue

WEEK 5- We celebrate all that God created • Genesis 2:1-3
Parent Cue

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